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Boys ECNL Tryouts 2020-21 Season

The Boys ENCL program focuses on the development of the elite competitive player. The Boys ECNL program participates only in the Boys ECNL League. For more information about this program, click here.  

TBU Boys ECNL Tryout Age Groups:
Males: U13, U14, U15, U16, U17
(Birth Years: 2008 - 2004)

Tryout Location:
  14720 Ed Radice Drive
  Tampa, FL 33626

Tryout Requirements:
  > Interested players must read ECNL tryout requirements below to ensure tryout eligibility
  > Players are to wear a white shirt for each tryout
  > Players need to arrive 30 minutes prior to tryout

  > Tryouts are open to all competitive players (inside & outside of TBU)
  > All interested players MUST register prior to attending the tryout (registration below)
  > Players will be provided ID Numbers at initial sign in; players are to keep & use same ID Number during tryout each session

*There will be no ID Clinics prior to Tryouts. Questions about the Boys ECNL Tryouts and/or the Boys ECNL Program are to be directed to the Boys ECNL Director, Kelvin Jones, [email protected]

**Dates / times are subject to change with limited notice. Check our page continually for the most updated event information


U13 (2008) March 25, 2020  6:00pm   Ed Radice  / Field 3&4
U13 (2008) April 1, 2020  6:00pm   Ed Radice  / Field 3&4 
U14 (2007) March 24, 2020  5:30pm  Ed Radice  / Field 3&4
U14 (2007) March 26, 2020    5:30pm   Ed Radice  / Field 3&4 
U15 (2006) March 24, 2020  7:30pm Ed Radice  / Field 3&4 
U15 (2006) March 26, 2020 7:30pm Ed Radice  / Field 3&4 
U16 (2005) March 27, 2020  7:30pm  Ed Radice  / Field 3&4
U16 (2005) March 31, 2020 7:30pm  Ed Radice  / Field 3&4 
U17 (2004) March 27, 2020  5:30pm  Ed Radice  / Field 3&4 
U17 (2004)  March 31, 2020 5:30pm Ed Radice  / Field 3&4 

                                                    **TRYOUT RAIN OUT DATE(S):   TBA**


ECNL League Information -

** Players will participate in the tryout date and times listed for their birth year. Players looking to participate up in age group will require approval from Tampa Bay United Rowdies. If approved, you will still register in your birth year age group for tryouts.**

All players looking to attend the ECNL tryouts, make sure you are clear to attend the ECNL Tryouts based on the ECNL rules listed below regarding players currently registered to another ECNL member club. This does not apply to non-ECNL member clubs – those players may participate in any tryout or training session offered by Tampa Bay United Rowdies ECNL.

Boys ECNL Rules on Tryouts:
 >If you are at a member ECNL club but not registered to an ECNL team you may attend anything offered prior to May 1, 2020.

 >Current ECNL rostered players at current ECNL member clubs, you cannot attend a tryout with another member ECNL club until after May 1, 2020. If you are at a current ECNL member club and want to tryout, contact the Boys ECNL Director, Kelvin Jones, [email protected] . No rosters are official in the ECNL until the Tuesday after the National Finals in July 2020.

 >If a player is NOT affiliated with any ECNL team/club for this season, they may attend the ECNL tryout or training sessions for any ECNL team at any time. 

 >If a player is currently with TBUR (any team), they may tryout for any ECNL team at any time.

 >If a player is a current ECNL registered player with an ECNL member club (outside of TBUR) then they may NOT attend anything offered by our club prior to May 1, 2020. If you wish to participate in a training session for evaluation after May 1, 2020 –  contact the Boys ECNL Director, Kelvin Jones, [email protected]

 >If a player is a non-ECNL player registered with another ECNL Member Club, they may attend the ECNL tryouts or train with an ECNL team. **We ask that players at current ECNL member clubs obtain permission from your current club director of coaching and have them send the permission to our club prior to attending anything with our club. 

 >Tryout Info by Age Group – Players can be offered a roster spot to a TBUR ECNL team for the 2020/21 year at any point during the tryout process. Attending one of all tryouts is recommended. If you are going to miss a tryout date, let the coaches know in charge of the age group. There will not be other tryouts for ECNL. If you are unable to attend one of the dates listed, contact the Boys ECNL Director, Kelvin Jones, [email protected]

TBUR College Commitments: To view our list of current and past college commitments, click here.

For TBUR Boys ECNL Program information or questions, contact:
Kelvin Jones / Boys ECNL Director
[email protected]

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