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Junior Academy Program
Vision & Match Philosophy

Program Vision
The Academy’s focus is on proper individual and team training. The Club is less concerned with winning matches at these ages than with ensuring proper skill development for future success. Our goal is to teach our young players a love of the game of soccer. We do this by providing a fun, constructive learning environment and allow our players to grow more confident in their abilities.

Match Philosophy
At Tampa Bay United Rowdies, we recognize that competition is a central element in a player’s development. At the youth level however, a competitive environment should not be a result-oriented environment. The differences must be clear. TBUR provides an environment that encourages decisions from player and coach alike that focus on performance rather than outcome (favoring ball skill and inventiveness as the means to find success within the rules and spirit of the game). The result is just one indicator of performance and at this age, not the most important one.

We also recognize that matches are an important means to player development (enjoyment, ball skill, insight, and fitness), not as the aim. The games are a series of tests for kids. In this respect, the usefulness of the game can occur in many different forms. As coaching staff, we encourage parents to focus on the process and performance rather than the outcome, but be prepared for the possibility that your team may lose many games in the short term with this approach. Keep in mind also that it is actually easier to win games at this age group with teams that are “organized” but lack skill. Placing the more physically mature players down the middle of the field and just asking players to ‘kick it down the middle or only allowing players to specialize at one position may lead to more victories. This approach, however, does not effectively teach the players the game and prepare them to continue on in the sport. Instead, a skillful approach to playing soccer should be emphasized, even though this may result in conceding goals or losing games in the short term. During the learning process, ball control and passing can lead to more costly mistakes. At the same time, the coach can manipulate the level and variety of the competition to ensure that players and teams are being given the opportunity to win and to lose games. Valuable lessons can be learned in both scenarios. In the end, it is still the responsibility of the coach and the parents, to manage how competition is addressed and managed among his or her players.

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